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X The Wheel /Spiral of Fortune

I have a habit of sinking into worry. I get stuck, playing scenes out in my head until I have crafted mountains of anxiety over future hypotheticals. I have found ways to help myself escape these loops, and even avoid them altogether.

One idea that helps ground me is that, because life is both brilliant and terrible, I am incredibly strong. I have survived all of the darkest days and I have been my own strongest ally for 28 years. The Wheel/Spiral of Fortune reminds me of these cycles of life, of ups and downs, wins and losses. It reminds me that my mindset matters, that practicing positive thinking and radical self love make life more beautiful in the present reality, even when that reality is challenging.

The Wheel of Fortune is the tenth card in the Major Arcana, a card represented by the element of fire. Here it is shown as a spiral, a galaxy starting red and moving through the colors of the rainbow to end in white at the center. In Sanskrit, the word for "wheel" is "chakra." Our chakras are discs of energy that are represented in colors, from our red root to our crown of white light. When the energy of our chakras is open and aligned, we are able to fully inhabit our bodies and allow our minds and hearts to access their purest states.

The Spiral of Fortune reminds us that the energy we put out will come back to us, that karma exists. It encourages our optimism and our ability to stay positive, reminding us of the greatness of the Universe. The reminder to keep smiling first. Keep meeting peoples eyes. Remember to be patient and to forgive quickly. Let the world see you and experience your gifts.

The Wheel also reminds us that it is never too late to grow and change. We are in charge of our realities, and good fortune is a combination of luck and effort. We can always pivot, we can always change and transform. Are there old stories, old patterns, you are being called to break free from? Unburden yourself from stories that no longer serve you. What goes up must come down, but we are in control of our reactions and rebounds.

I hope in this holiday season you can return to your center, breathe into your body, and trust in the Universe. For me this looks like staying physically active, even when I'm tired. It means continuing to be gentle to myself and give everyone I meet the benefit of the doubt no matter what. It means working to practice mindfulness and engaging in breathwork. It means forgiving myself just as quickly as I work to forgive others.

If you are feeling tumult, remember it will ease. Say something kind to yourself. Give someone you love a hug.

With love,


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