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Winter News / I The Magician

"Drawing is still basically the same as it has been since prehistoric times. It brings together man and the world. It lives through magic."

-Keith Haring

A human uses one hand as a template for painting. We see both hands and part of the human's face, as the human blows pigment to create their art. We also see painted animals and outlines of hands on the cave wall.
The Magician, 12 x 9 inches, pen and watercolor on paper

There is something about the end of the "holiday season" and the start of the new Gregorian calendar year that feels like we have settled into winter. For me, it can be harder to find connection with my body and with nature in these winter months, which can leave me feeling disjointed. Additionally, our world is suffering still from a pandemic, which heightens this feeling of being lonely and stuck.

Winter is also an opportunity for rest. In isolation and separation we have the opportunity to sink into the energy of The Hermit and find stillness and peace in our aloneness. To face our fears head on, and know that we are safe and held. It is a chance for us, especially in this month of January, to take this fresh cold slate of winter and make some magic.

I love New Years resolutions. I love intention setting and making lists and writing in eight different journals and planners. This might not be your energy, but I do think there is something about this season that asks us what we want.

Jessica Dore speaks of The Magician card as being about "healing [as a] magical process." She sees our human ability to change our " miraculous." I love this interpretation of The Magician because it allows for a different idea of magic. We can create magic in our lives in so many ways, and in Dore's reading of the card, one way create magic is through making conscious efforts to heal.

Detailed view of the painting, showing just the hand that is being used as a template for the painting.
The Magician, detail, pen and watercolor on paper

I grew up believing in fairies, in elves, in gnomes. In the knowing that all of nature, all of creation, is connected. ln spirit of The Fool card, I had a deep faith in the existence of magic. As I grew up, this knowing was slowly silenced. My inner child grew afraid of ridicule and judgement. She stopped trusting in her ability to speak to trees, and found it harder and harder to follow her intuition.

For me, The Magician is a card about consciously calling magic into our lives. Whether, like in Dore's reading, that means creating a new habit or way of thinking that changes your behavior, or it means rediscovering a connection to your own idea of magic.

My illustration for this card is inspired by the paintings at Cueva de las Manos in Argentina. In this cave there are hundreds of cave paintings, created between 7,300 BCE and 700 CE, many of which show the outline of human hands. Whenever I look at cave paintings I feel a deep sense of awe and wonder. We have been creating, like The Magician, for our entire evolutionary history, using our hands and our minds to make a mark of beauty on this incredible planet we inhabit. In this act of creation, we become divine. When we add beauty and truth into the world, we are making magic.

I hope in this winter season you discover what making magic means to you.


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