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V Tradition / The Hierophant

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

I don't know about you, but my energy has been all over the place this past week. As a teacher, we were approaching a holiday break, which can often create a feeling of impatience and excitement. Additionally, we had a big lunar eclipse in Taurus this week. I usually struggle to ground my energy during full moons, and this one was even more intense. When I feel scattered and anxious, like my energy is erratic and confused, I try and find grounding. Yoga and intentional movement help, baths help, falling into a good book, petting my animals, getting hugs from my husband, calling my mom, all these things can help me feel grounded. I have been working to meditate more and add meditation as a skill in my "grounding tool kit." When I feel scattered, my daily routines and traditions are vitally important. Taking enough time before work to do a reading for the day, making sure I eat an undistracted lunch, taking the time to take care of a small chore so I don't feel overwhelmed.

To me, Tradition (also called the Hierophant) is a card about grounding. It is a card that reminds us that routine and tradition can help us focus our energy. I am a classic Capricorn sun in many ways, and as an Earth sign I love security and home. My Capricorn sun manifests in a love of rules and order. When I do not feel grounded and safe I have a hard time focusing on anything. Usually, I do not need the reminder of the Tradition card. Without routine, I am lost. It is a part of my life that I know is vital for my happiness. I keep small daily traditions and routines, as well as bigger traditions that help me structure my weeks and months. When this card comes up for me it is usually a reminder that I need to acknowledge and create traditions that hold value to me, to slow down and refocus my energy into meaningful rituals.

In the words of my mom, Jessica Litwak, "Tradition symbolizes the structure of family, community and society. Traditions offer us protection, trust, and an opportunity to engage with ceremony, faith, and ritual. They offer us a form and a vessel to safely express our experience, strength, and hope. They give us a chance to rest in security by creating a form to hold us. Traditions can be useful and can enhance our lives, or they can seem to restrict us. Do you follow rules or break them? Do you adhere to traditions of family and society? Do you rebel against them? What are the traditions of your family? Have you created new traditions in your life, or are their traditions you long to hold? How can you use tradition to ground yourself without restrictions?"

How does this card speak to you? Are you someone (like me) who thrives with routine, or do you find that certain traditions and rituals can make you feel hemmed in? What traditions do you wish you kept? A new tradition I've started this year is taking time during the new and full moon to sit outside and set intentions for the coming days. This has helped me stay more present in the rhythms going on around me.

I hope that during this week you are reminded of traditions which bring you joy and feelings of safety. We are travelling to New York to spend the holiday with my family and I am feeling so ready and excited to soak in the energy of the people who are part of my deepest and most sacred traditions. To drink coffee with my mom and stand in line for bagels with my sibling. To feel the energy of my favorite city, a place which itself holds so much tradition for me and my ancestral line.

Remember to equip yourself with the tools you need to stay grounded while we embark on this holiday season. Traditions within traditions. Pack a set of oracle cards and maybe stick some rose quartz in your pocket. Take a minute to do some breathing, even if its in your aunt's under-the-stair bathroom with very red wallpaper. Say some affirmations in the mirror. Not all traditions feel safe for us, but we are capable and we are strong.

With love,


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