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Summer News / IV The Emperor

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Happy August! I hope this finds you safe and healthy, enjoying the beauty of the season (while also staying cool!).

As a teacher and artist I have the unique pleasure to focus on my artistic practice during these warm months. In a collaboration with my mom, Jessica Litwak, I have begun to illustrate a Tarot deck. Tarot has been a part of my life since childhood and I personally use Tarot in my healing practice every day. Getting to put my voice and my art to the Tarot has been emotional and moving work.

The image you see above is a detail of "The Emperor," done with watercolor and pen on 9x12 paper. The Emperor is a card of action, ruled by the element of fire. He is the fathering energy in each of us, the strength and stability to get things done and have courage in the face of doubt and anxieties. In my mom's words, "Self-fathering could include: prayers and meditation for building courage, making a decisive choice, taking an action (especially if there is something you’ve been putting off) even if it is a tiny action, handling a money issue, strengthening your body, facing something or someone you’ve been avoiding, doing something for yourself you imagine a good father would do."

I pulled this card reversed at the beginning of July and it helped me recognize that I was blocking this "self-fathering" energy, avoiding doing things I wanted for fear of failure and rejection. It aided me in working against my people-pleasing tendencies, while still making sure I was not falling into selfish or manipulative behaviors.

I am excited to continue this journey through the Tarot and share with you some of the artistic journey along the way.

With love,


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