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Spring / Strength

Happy Spring! It is with such a sense of hope that I welcome in this season.

I had the joy of calling in the Spring with a ritual this past Sunday, on the vernal equinox. We shared what we wanted to let go of, what we wanted to call in, and created our own tarot card around the word that represents our wish for spring. We wrote this word in the bottom rectangle of the tarot border below, and then chose a number for the upper rectangle. We then created a drawing inside of the border.

Tarot Border

I am leading this art activity in a longer ritual and workshop this upcoming Sunday, 3/26, 3:30-4:30pm, at Cabarrus Brewery as a part of the Holistic Healing Arts Festival, which runs 12-7pm. This is a fundraising event for Sol Harmony Fest, a four day family friendly holistic healing arts event, September 22-25th. My workshop, and all of the events this Sunday, are donation based, with all donations going to support Sol Harmony Fest.

I welcome you to complete this "create your own tarot" activity at home. Please reach out if you have questions, or would like help or guidance!

My word for this season that I drew in my tarot border is confidence. This winter I began graduate school, pursuing my MFA in Illustration, and I have been struggling with issues of perfectionism and imposter syndrome. It is not an easy task to change these narratives, to silence the inner critic inside of my head. I am working with the phrase "let it go," reminding myself throughout the day that I am enough and have done enough. This spring, I want to be my own biggest support system, the first person to say "you've got this, you are incredible."

VIII. Strength

When I think of confidence in tarot, the first card that comes to mind is Strength (VIII). In my illustration of this card, we see a butterfly in it's three stages of life: caterpillar, cocoon, and butterfly. This card reminds us of the deep reserves of strength we have contained within us, strength we have learned throughout our journey. It reminds us to be our own biggest cheerleader, the first one to give ourselves a pat on the back, the permission to be proud of our accomplishments.

This spring, my wish for you is strength and confidence. I hope you see yourself as this bright yellow butterfly who has been working SO HARD to spread its wings and float on the wind. I hope that this spring you emerge from the cocoon of winter and are reminded that no matter how much learning or healing there is left to do, we have come so far.

I have been creating Spotify playlists for each of the major arcana cards. I am including the playlist I am working on for Strength, because somedays I need an external boost of confidence, and music often can be that catalyst for me.

Happy Spring,

With love,


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