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Solstice / VI The Lovers

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Happy solstice! Happy holidays! I am snuggled up, off of work, and feeling the joy of spending uninterrupted hours connecting with loved ones, petting my animals, and laughing with my partner.

A photo of the front of my decorated box
My astrology personality box

I had the pleasure of celebrating the full moon in Gemini, and the solstice with a dear friend. We made these astrology personality boxes and began doing some processing on this year and what we wanted to let go and call in.

Yesterday on the solstice, I used this spread from Biddy Tarot to do some personal reflection after working through a meditation and some journal prompts from the CHANI app, such as thinking and writing on what feelings of loss I am still holding onto and what letting go looks like.

I was given a beautiful book from my sibling called "Tarot for Change" by Jessica Dore. I used her brilliant interpretations as a guide in my reading, and found tremendous power in all of the cards, but particularly in her reading on The Lovers.

My tarot card for The Lovers showing two giraffes encased by a border
The Lovers, 12 x 9 inches, pen and watercolor on paper with border

She speaks on this card in terms of how we seek love from learned behaviors in relationships. How we have the opportunity to grow as lovers/friends/partners through doing the work of love–listening to the lessons we learn through our relationships and growing from them.

For me, this year has brought a lot of lessons on what kind of love I look for. When I have sought relationships not because of true connection, but because of past patterns and learned behavior, I have learned about how my partner and I continue to commit ourselves as lovers in our marriage; facing our fears together and encouraging each other past our learned behaviors.

In my reading, this card showed up in response to the question “What can I learn from my shadow self?” I have often been very hard on myself for failures in relationships, perceived or otherwise. I want to keep doing the work of relationships, I want to be a better friend, a better partner. This desire (and ability through practice) to learn in love is one of the gifts from my shadow self, the little girl who lives inside of me with all of her insecurities and wisdom. She is so incredibly capable of love, and even when we stumble, we are growing and learning about ourselves as lovers. Today I am a better friend, a better partner, a better wife, daughter, sister, dog/cat mom, teacher, etc., because of this history of love.

A close up of The Lovers card, two giraffes with their noses touching, one with eyes closed and one looking at the viewer from the side
The Lovers, detail

My painting for this card represents the ability to reach OUT in love and also the importance of focusing IN on our own self love. We see one giraffe arcing over another, eyes closed in pleasure and joy at this connection. The second giraffe looks out at us with her bright and soulful eye, calling us towards knowing our own worth. We have an incredible power in making others feel loved, and we also have the responsibility to work on loving ourselves wholly so that we can know ourselves as partners and pick partners who lift us up as we lift them.

I hope in 2022 we are all able to find the relationships we need and give of ourselves as the practiced and reflective Lovers we are. I hope we can continue to open ourselves up to the love we know we deserve and need.

Here to leading with love in 2022.


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