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Samhain / All Hallows Eve / Halloween

Tonight we are taught that the veil between our world and the next is at its thinnest point. We are granted this moment of dark peace in between autumn and winter, this moment to breathe in the change of the season. The holiday of Samhain (pronounced sah-win) comes from the "Celtic spiritual tradition" and traditionally was a celebration after the time of the harvest. It was thought to be the new year celebration for the Celtic people.

In my own spiritual practice, this has become a time to celebrate the joyous memories of my ancestors and pause to feel their guidance and energy. It is a time to remember the inevitability and beauty in death, to celebrate the cycle of our world as we move closer to winter.

Here is a small altar I made on our fireplace, with photographs of loved ones who have died. I included some candles to light in their memory as well as some small tokens of love and protection for them (stones, crystals, seashells, flowers, goddess statues, etc.). I have been using this altar to hold a deck of tarot cards with which I did a reading this morning that focuses on the guidance of our ancestors. Here is the link to that spread if you have a tarot practice and want to connect to this energy. There is no right or wrong way to set an altar. Simply choose a special place and collect some special items for it. If it feels safe and good to you, then it is perfect. This can be a wonderful place to meditate or journal.

There are so many ways to acknowledge this moment in our year, but another one I love is embracing the tradition of lighting a fire. We are going to have a fire in our yard tonight, and spend some time with the memories of our ancestors. I want to think about what behaviors I can leave behind, and how I can take the lessons of my loved ones into this next part of our year. Remember the saying (I heard it from Chani Nicholas) "What you heal in yourself you heal for your entire family line."

I am wishing you rejuvenation and peace. I hope you feel some magic today.


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